To Resolute

Blogging.. again.

I started blogging in 2010 or probably maybe even before that when ‘blogging’ and posting it on the internet wasn’t a thing yet. I used to write notes and I kept a diary for most part of my grade school and high school years. It was an outlet really. I often jot down the books I’ve read about the stories or plots I can relate to. I originally intended the ‘reads’ part of my website to be the same case but I wasn’t following through due to all this life that is happening.

Anyhoo, I rekindled and halt this slump because I came across Bianca Gonzalez’s blog albeit it’s not updated now but still gold. It made me realize why this space is here, not that you all want to know things going on in my life and not that it’s interesting either, but it’s more documenting the life I’m privileged to have and maybe spread good vibes or something relatable even in just one reader, but I’d be more than glad if there’ll be two.

At 18 or 19 years old, I was a big blog reader of several bloggers (our generation’s influencers back then). Patty Laurel was one of those bloggers I always look forward to reading. Her contents were anything under the sun and those gave me the sense of freedom to actually be myself because that was what she does, be herself.

No smartphones yet during those times so keeping a blog was really ‘work’ for a college student like me, but seeing my entries now compare to before, there was the only thing I noticed that had changed — my time. I didn’t have that much time today that I had before because of the many other things that kept me busy — motherhood for one, my enterprise, doctorate, work, and life as it is. My hands are quite full but typing this or actually blogging for quite a long time feels good, really. It’s nostalgic.

In fact, I started some doodling and mini-journaling in September and early October of this year when I lost my voice. I was so down with a flu (COVID negative, TYL!) I went from paos to a total zero and it was so heartbreaking because I can’t communicate in the manner I was supposed to. There were so many things happening but I just can’t speak, literally. It started September first week – the whole week, and while I wasn’t 100% I came back to work like usual, then two weeks later it was flu all over again, even worse. I didn’t recover quickly because I felt I was okay and I ignored everything to actually rest. When the October flu came, I didn’t bother to contest anymore and I stopped feeling guilty about not answering calls (because I really don’t have the voice to shell out unlike the September season when I was at least just paos). I rested and rested well, I worked, but more on the pending desk work that I needed to submit and accomplish. Anyway, I’m thinking if I should share those journals I wrote, it was a good take on giving yourself the needed rest and it was also an opportunity for me to read more and start writing my book (which led me to the fact that I need to finish it).

Well, this entry is probably my resolution to blog more and give myself a little life and a little documentation of it. While I like things hidden, I don’t mind sharing some of my discoveries and thoughts. You will not find so much in the ‘Places’ section of this website, truth be told, I’m a hermit, and I don’t like going out. I think I should try to share some of my travel photos and experiences in the past to compensate hehe well, I’ve traveled well enough to know that I don’t like traveling that much — but I always like to try something new here and there.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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