On cutting my hair and starting a new hobby

This isn’t quite new to me. I started cutting my hair (super) short since last year and started to have various hobbies when I get bored. But, perhaps this one is different because I’m thinking of maintaining it; eventually owning full-time this new things.

And no, I’m not brokenhearted. I’m at a very good state as of the moment.
What I’ve realized is that we do not need a new year to craft something new and we don’t need to be in the trend to do what we actually want.

I cut my hair because I’m already tired sweeping hairs from my unit’s floor from time to time. I’ve been dyeing my hair for 4 years straight now and it got ridiculously dried up. I’ve thought that maybe my hair need some overhauling and to have it deep black again (my original hair color). It’s easier to manage now though I look like 8 years younger; but it’s good, it’s not going to be obvious if I’m stressed out. It’s true when they say ang gaan ng feeling!

I’ve had so many hobbies in the past that I do during my free time; yet, they were so hard to maintain because those are strenuous activities – running, snorkeling, research, travel, among other things. You see they’re quite expensive and ‘tiring’ to do but they’re good to exercise because: 1) physical, 2) active, and 3) it makes me happy. Now, I’m into cross stitching. Haha! I’ve learned how when I was still in high school as part of our Home Economics class. I’ve done some good pieces in the past but didn’t manage to continue on this hobby further because ‘digital age,’ the need to be equipped of all digital and techie stuff had gotten a head on. It was nice by the way, I’ve landed some good job with these acquired skills in the digital scene.

Cross stich nowadays are not in the loop. It’s outdated for many, rewarding for some (like me). The challenge lies when there’s so little cross stitching shops in the Metro, unlike before that there are a lot of it and you can even buy patterns and threads from a nearby bookstore. The challenge of finding good materials for this hobby is real. Good thing there are still some shops in SM North Edsa and of course, the place to be: Recto! Recto offers more affordable pieces and good patterns too.

After all, I’d like to believe that it’s not about the trend that you need to follow (except if you’re geared to business and marketing stuff – which I do for work), it’s more on what you think will make you fulfilled and happy at the end of the day even if it’s really small and way too simple to look at. Happy stitching!

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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