How about this?

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along… as per the lyrics of the song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. It’s true, though. It’s really not rainbows and butterflies; it’s not always happy and perfect. There will be really times it’s going to be awful, it’s going to irritate you, and probably think to just quit and call it all off. By that time, you have to re-think. You’re just human; maybe quitting can be your resort to end stuff but then think further.

Dude, she told you she’s hard to be with, right? So, you have taken her in and you know the turf. She’s managing your expectations of her. I know, I know, you think highly of her at times, but don’t ever forget that she’s human too. She can be upset, she can be irritating, she can be mad, she can be anything worst she can ever be. She’s entitled to some emotions as much as you.

Maybe you said things you didn’t mean, or things you mean but wanted to take back. Dude, you can’t take back any word you’ve said; especially the words that already stuck into her head and words that made her feel unsecure/insecure of where she is now in your life. I’m telling this to you as a friend. I know her. I know her fully and believe me when I say she’s not emotional, but with you, it’s starting to get so different. Don’t you think it’s a good thing that she’s letting you into her emotions and showing you a part of her even if she knows you’re not going to like it fully? It’s because she doesn’t want to put up a face and pretend that it’s always okay. She’s just trying to be true and more true with you. Leaving her wouldn’t be the best from the options, right? Or, no?

Maybe she’s deserving and maybe she’s not. But she loves you wholeheartedly even if she’s fuming mad at you and/or can’t understand you at times. Have you ever be with someone who wants to battle with time just because she wants to make the most of the awake moments with you? Maybe it’s not your first time to be with a person who’s excited to see you. Maybe there’s someone better at that. Maybe she’s just upset because she planned things and didn’t go her way. She’s upset but definitely it’s not with you. It’s with time.

For the next days, maybe she’ll change; she’ll change temporarily because she’s hurt. Maybe she’ll not going to speak more. Maybe she’s just be quiet and be serious. She’ll sleep with a heavy heart and perhaps you will too. Have patience, that’s what I can say. Do everything to take her back again if she’s still the one you want you need, want, and can’t live without. She’s not easy to be pleased. She’s just hurt. You can say a lot of things to her but don’t threaten her you’ll leave and take it back. Because it will just make her feel unsafe. It will just make her believe that you won’t stick at the hardest of times. If you love her so much like you’ve said and like you’ve known… then make up for your mistakes. And she will make up for hers, I know that.

You know what, we can’t take back our words and our mistakes in general; what we can just do is to make up for it. Hurting someone we love is really awful, I know for sure. Sometimes we really don’t mean it. Sometimes it’s just a spur of the moment. Sometimes we are just caught up by our emotions and we let it overrule us. If you love her, then prove to her you want her in your life; regardless if you’re angry, upset, irritated and on the verge of giving up.

She loves you just as much to get upset with time and her battle for it. She loves you so much that’s why she feel so awful; and that’s why she cried and still crying her heart out. She loves you, you should believe that and hold on to that. Have patience. She loves you even if she does not want to speak with you – she’s just thinking her reaction. She cares for you that’s why she’d rather be quiet and cold than say hurtful things.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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