10 things the past week has brought into me

One afternoon at UP Diliman

It is weekend. I spent it like how I pictured it out on Thursday afternoon, sitting in front of my work computer with a lot of papers on the left side of my desk and a lot more on the right. Goes to show that I’m doing a lot of things, seems to be having fun and thinking a lot of silly things. I’m that enthusiast.

Maybe calling off a weekend night full of beers (when I don’t drink anymore) was the answer. Though, I didn’t intentionally do that. I called off because I have classes to attend to, and I surely don’t want to miss and I can’t afford to miss a single lesson. Now, sitting in front of my laptop, putting my ‘somewhat’ emotions into words and reflecting about the week that has been. Taking on another fun-filled week at work and out-of-town with friends and colleagues, is what currently luring.

Another thing clinging is the fact I recently submitted two articles to be published. To push through, as part of the process, the publication asked me why do I want my written works to be published. I never thought of the deep ‘whys’ because my answers are always: I’m happy writing, to tell stories authorized for me to share by individuals I talked with, share my thoughts, inspire people (even just a little bit) and the like. That for me, those are enough answers. But then, I wondered if I can have a better one. If I could remember it exactly, I answered that I want my voice to be heard as a subsequent answer to the aforementioned reasons. But I think that the publisher and I both know that there was nothing special about my response. The rest was a white blank space.

So while on board to this inescapable thinking spree, it occurred to me some of my happy realizations from the past week that I perhaps I should focus on than to think about that white blank space of my elusive response.

The past week has brought me to thinking about these important reminders, factors, and ideas:

1. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas.
I run ideas, or perhaps my ideas run me. Either way, each idea plays a very important role in our daily lives. Most of the time, I have crazy ones that I bring into life and some turned out to be doable; and if I’m lucky, successful. And there are just some ideas that I nip in the bud before it can get worse, because of overflowing creativity that can derail the real thought or rationale of what I have and need to do at the very first place. The past week taught me to write of all these ideas – crazy or not, boring or not, I should just give chance to these ideas to develop. Who knows, right?

2. Connect and Disconnect
We are now living in the tech-based world and we can’t seem to let go of these connections. It is hard. But then, we need to disconnect (gadgets) to connect (to people, personally) more. Face-to-face encounters are still the best ones.

3. Stand up for what you believe in
I know this long before, not just from the past week, but from before time. But maybe, this past week has taught me to be more firm to what I believe in and go for what I feel like doing. As an activist and an advocate of not just for the youth but for so many other things, to have better understanding of things is what I think I should pursue. Think before speaking up. Think before making a judgment. And if even majority says otherwise, it’s not good enough reason to step down to what you are fighting for. We must stand up for what we believe in.

4. Tell more stories
Tell more stories before you forget them and before your stories forget you.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself
Sometimes we think that we are serving ourselves right because we are busy and we are on our way to success, improvements and to the pedestal. That happens just sometimes. We must learn how to be efficient enough if we don’t want to see ourselves staying up late in the office; we must go out there, be with people and meet new ones and not be limited to whatever or whoever because we are freakin’ busy making money and proving to the world that “Hey! I would be the next big thing sooner or later. Watch out for it!”

I’m not telling that being the next big thing is wrong. I’m telling that perhaps, we can do it without being too hard on ourselves and that we can enjoy the time outside of our busy career-oriented lives. We need to breathe. Great ideas will come along when we get to talk with other people and reflect on how it is like. Work hard. Play hard (er).

6. End the day with a cup of coffee or favorite food, hobbies, movies; something that makes you happy
No explanations. It just needed to be felt.

7. Don’t ever think that it’s a mistake to over-imagine
Don’t. ever. It will bring you to all wonderful places and to all wonderful thoughts. Just continue.

8. Leave your phone, if you can
See #2.

9. Don’t feel guilty to take the day off
See #5.
Before I file a leave even in my previous jobs, I always feel guilty that I have to. Tendency is, I file a leave and I still go to work. I always felt like I don’t deserve the time off because there’s just so many things needed to accomplish. But I was wrong. Taking the day off can even boost our productivity and can help us re-vision what we want to happen.

10. Go home. Be with family.
Nothing is more rewarding being with your family no matter how crazy they are. A solid laugh, a talk about the current events and issues and other stories are my reasons why I so love coming home. I experienced living independently and I’m glad I did. Living away from my family made me miss them and appreciate them more.

And even if you are living alone, go home to your place, remove your shoes and enjoy the blank spaces. Breathe and reflect. Sleep then on to a new day.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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