Hello there, 2015!

Hello there, 2015!!

I’m happy to have survived the year 2014 and I’m grateful that I still have those people who I went through a lot with the said year. Though it’s a bit strange to think about the twists and turns of how the year went, it was indeed a fun ride and I’m happy to brag that I don’t have any regrets about the year that was.

2015 has taken its vision. I’m happy about my independent living as well. I am 20-something in the world full of transitions, digital avenues and dilemmas; I am a bit far from the ‘top’ but who cares now if I get there or not? I left home for independence and I am glad that I am living it. It did make me love my family more, miss them more and appreciate more what we have way back home. It makes me do things on my own and with the people around me – it’s like knowing yourself even better, loving your own and everything in between; everything just went so lovely.

There will be lots of adjustments and flexing to do but I think those are the points of it all. I don’t want it safe; I want it to be reasonable, valid and perhaps, spontaneous. Leaving your comfort zone is something different and it does make you realize that you are brave enough to conquer. Those things you don’t think you can survive with are the things that helps you survive everything in no expense now.

Also, I am happy to find good friends along the way. Friends that can be treasured forever or until I’m 70 (just like what Ed Sheeran claims. Hahaha!) Friends whom I know will understand all the things that will occur, no matter how shitty it will be.

2015 is so far, wonderful. I am thankful and privileged to have lived one more year in this cruel world. Shankyu, 2015. Up here!

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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