Why we need to be an entity of our own

People often think that their happiness depends on others – it can add to what happiness is really like but always remember that happiness lies within you, you alone. In this life, we work so hard to fit in, we go with the norms, the new trends and to what other people think is right; that even if we don’t like it at times, we still do it because we are after everyone’s admiration and acceptance.

Finding happiness isn’t a chore; it’s a commitment, a decision, a mindset and a destination. Time may lead us to a fail measure sometimes but it’s a part of it. We can’t change any situation because we can’t control everything but what we can do is to change our attitude towards it. Things hurt us sometimes, give us the feeling of numbness and scrape our hearts out – it sucks but that’s how we learn. Sometimes, the universe gives us challenges or trials that are so hard, we can’t even bear; by the time we surpass it, we won’t be able to forget the lessons packaged with it that will sure help us in the long run.

We need to be an entity of our own. We need to have a life of our own and not depend too much on anyone. By the time we gave everything to them, we are prone to get disappointed because we have been dependent – at most, if not in everything we do. We need to live our given lives to find out what’s really in it.

One must manage to keep his feet on the ground and stand up for what he or she believes in. Sometimes, it’s funny that we can do so much for others yet they can do so little for us. That’s life, that’s how it goes. You give and just give, don’t expect something in return. Live the life you want to live and it really pays to be kind. Do something for them, give them what they deserve and always remember that whatever you give, you give it with all your heart – one must not care if something has to be returned but care on how you can make yourself happy by giving.

To attain happiness, we must start to be an entity of our own. For what reasons?

To enjoy life as we are, not depending on others
We must learn how to be comfortable with ourselves. We must learn how to be alone. Alone doesn’t mean that we are lonely, it only means that we can enjoy and have a blast in our own company. We can learn more about ourselves – good spots and flaws. The moment we have accepted our flaws, the more others can’t use it against us.

To be comfortable with ourselves and others
If we know how we can go on about everything, we can’t fear being with a lot of people with various personalities. We must be comfortable with ourselves first then we can be comfortable with other people.

To minimize the feeling of being sad or lonely. To just be happy.
When we are around a bunch of people and we depend so much to them, the moment we lost them, holding on to what it was or has been makes it so hard. We became shattered to pieces and we became ill inside and it can do no good. It’s fine to be hurt, be sad or lonely especially if someone has touched your life more that you can imagine but leaning too much isn’t healthy at all.

We must learn to get to know our capacity as a person, be happy even if we are alone and be independent. It’s not about guarding yourself, it’s about giving your all and still manage to have everything for yourself when everything goes down.

To love ourselves deeper
Sometimes, we are too busy caring and loving other people that we forgot ourselves. We must not, in any way, forget to love ourselves first and last. Loving our own goodness, flaws and character can make us more capable of loving other people. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love other people? How can you give something you don’t even have at the very first place?

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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