Thanks to my good friend for this.
I say thank you for your kind words! You made me feel so good!


I saw Shainne the first time in a state university – she wasn’t a student there, she was just sitting there (according to her). She indeed wore just shirt, pants and sneakers, her hair on a pony tail, a big shoulder bag and that was just it. But she looked so different, she looked like she should be somewhere else – partying or drinking, maybe. Shainne, I thought, belong to the maarte and sosyal ones. After that encounter, she showed me the opposite of what I have thought of her. 
She is very simple and the one thing I wasn’t wrong about my impression of her is, she has class. When you look at her, you will know she’s smart. Shainne is the kind of woman you want to be with, you will crave to be with and you will be happy to be with. 

She might be quiet at some point but when you get to know her you would know she is animated. She can make fun of anything under the sun and she doesn’t care where you guys eat or how many people are there in the crowd. She buys at ukay-ukays, always up for something crazy and she always has hilarious ideas in her head that if you want to know (if and when she won’t bug you about it), you must ask her. I promise you it is going to be funny. 

I also remember one moment, a time when she was writing her article about, yeah, Peace. She was so funny because of the ideas she wanted to write about, well I thought, aren’t really related about the topic. Hahaha! I know she was just kidding the same time I know she really didn’t have any idea to be serious about that specific article.

Her simple joys are indeed simple and she’s not the kind of person that will sell you out or leave you just because something good is up for her. Her thinking is, if that’s really something good for her, she should be with the people she like and love the most. She goes to different places and she’s really not a boring person. Even if you are just sitting with her at a random place, her stories will fire up and the time will just pass by without you knowing.

Her crazy ideas took her to different places and to the people who loved her and liked her for real. Shainne is considered really successful and she knows she is one. 
In an open forum which she was part of, she was asked:

Member: For me, you are successful. You are not a CEO or an entrepreneur yet but you seem to be really successful. Why?
Shainne: I am! Because I have something that money can’t buy. 
Member: You sure?
Shainne: Ah, yes. I’ve thought of this: After I die, I will just leave all that money, the title and everything I have achieved that for others were ‘success’ but that something that money can’t be bought is what matters to me now. I will be lying if I say I don’t want all the material things in this world. Of course I want those! I’m dreaming of having some of those but then, I think, it will be just part of what my success really means. Can be considered bonuses but those aren’t on top of my priorities. 

It moved me and all of us in that room, if I must say. Sometimes, having the title and having the huge amount of money aren’t the components that will give meaning to your success but having something that money can’t buy is what really matters in this world, in this life. 

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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