They were in UP. Late at night.

Few years ago, about two or three, she was having a conversation with a friend in UP.


 After her 6:00PM class, he picked her up in Manila where her university resides. They went straight to UP Diliman to see people jogging, training and walking even late at night; grabbed something to eat, sat down and talked.

Life was crucial for her during those times. School papers were there yelling at her to finish them and get a grade of flat one (1.00) to cling and to get on the stereotype phase that the basis of one’s intelligence and success in life are the grades they designed their transcript of records. She was then pressured.

She haven’t had enough sleep and she didn’t even know how she really looked like – she was once a student leader; not that she was complaining, she was (and still she is) happy, grateful and blessed… that if she had the chance to go back to those days (college days) again, she would definitely dive in, and perhaps think whether if she still wants to trade her soul for a wonderful singer or for those days back longer that was given.

He was simple and maybe a little above ordinary compared to what he is now. He’s an artist, free-spirited person, serious in real life, funny at times, intelligent and jerk because nobody is perfect.

He was telling her about life, how stressful it will get and how it will hurt more in reality. He was right, absolutely, nothing ever came easy but then it was a lot of fun. It got funner everyday and it was fulfilling.

They were in UP, late at that night. They were laughing. She was laughing harder. It was fantastic yet simple. He told her more about how it’s going to be.

“Don’t take it (life) so seriously, you are fun. You know what to do hence I don’t know why I’m still telling this to you.” He said.

She smiled and agreed.

They were in UP.
Late at night.
About two or three years ago.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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