Education, is it important?

I graduated from one of those prominent private universities in Manila, took Marketing Management as my major and now clinging into life, joining the working individuals in the corporate world.
Like many of you, I was once confused on what program I should take in college, simply because this got something to say what I will be afterwards. I wanted to be a newscaster, a dietitian, a teacher, an architect and a businesswoman – I tried everything out and passed college entrance exams for different degrees, but decided to take Marketing Management instead. Several times before I wanted to shift but still get the chance to finish it with wind blowing feeling and smiles.

My field requires me to talk with a lot of people and I so love it for it. I could be anywhere, deal with anyone – high society, middle class and lower class with different interests like sports, fashion, art, music and technology to name a few.
In lieu, I know that these are the results of whatever I did accomplish (or even just experienced) way back when I was still studying. Indeed, it taught me a lot of stuff that sometimes, myself, can’t even believe that I can do such.

Going around the Metro by commuting and having a treasured talkative-at-times personality, I talk to people around me. One normal tough day, I was heading to Quezon City by a cab. Tough day as it was, from morning ’til afternoon, I got inside a cab which I wanted to hate because the A/C can’t function too well. I’ve been through much for the day so I tried to whip the negative off of me and started to be jolly and happy like the usual.
One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m taking a cab or FX is talk to the drivers and get to know their points on anything random. The cab driver (which I didn’t even get the name) started telling me which route we will take because I want to avoid traffic in Commonwealth, and then we started talking.

He’s a father of three (3), he didn’t even finish college, more or less he just tried it for two (2) years. As he was taking on, he tried taxi driving, which he is in control of his own time and make money easily without even following bosses like what we all in the corporate world used to.

Tinamad na po ako bumalik sa pag-aaral after nung kumikita na ko ng pera, na kaya ko po naman palang kumita ng pera kahit hindi ako mag-aral.” He told me.

I want to reiterate my opinion but maybe he felt that he needed to get a grip and say something in defense of his first statement.

 “Pero alam mo Ma’am, nung naglaon, nagsisi din ako na bakit hindi ako nagtapos. Naisip ko po na parang ‘Ano? ganito nalang? Taxi Driver nalang ako hanggang sobrang tumanda?'”

I almost have the same thing in mind, that I wanted to ask him if he really didn’t want to finish his studies, by his defense my question has been answered. I know there’s something special about him being a taxi driver, so I started telling and asking…

Sayang nga ho, ano? Pero I’m sure masipag naman po kayo at nakakaraos naman sa araw-araw. At least ho wala kayong nilolokong tao at marangal naman po ang trabaho niyo.

A bit surprise as he was that time, I saw a big smile of relief on his face via the rear-view mirror. I couldn’t barely express how glad he was and so his face. He then proudly told me..

Ay totoo yan Ma’am! Hindi naman po sa pagmamayabang pero nakapagtapos na po ako ng isa kong anak, Architect na po siya ngayon. Ni hindi ko nga po lubos na akalain na mapagtatapos ko siya, nang Architecture pa!”
“Pero yung pangalawa ko pong anak, ayaw mag-aral. Gusto niya magtrabaho na rin siya. Para ako po noon. Pinapaliwanag ko sakanya na mas ok kung may pinag-aralan.”

I got so excited. I couldn’t believe that he already got an Architect on board just by being a driver himself. We then proceed to his main concern, his son, who doesn’t want to pursue his studies anymore. I came to the point of realizing things: Those newly graduates from universities in our country, by their finished field of study can’t even get a job that easy and even those who are resigned with work experience can’t get anew… what more those individuals who can’t even take time to finish their studies even the offer is there and those who can’t afford?

In this third world country, positioning ourselves to the life of comfort wouldn’t come easy. There’s got to be something that we need to work hard and sacrifice for to attain everything we want. This governs my deep concern to those who can’t afford even a piece of paper; what’s going to happen to them in time they face each and every trials in life? What should be done by then? What should they do by then?
And to those who were given the opportunity but actually wasting it… they could never be luckier to experience this kind of treatment that others are craving for. That I, can’t even understand why people tend to take things for granted (and eventually regret it afterwards).

Our future with or without degree isn’t secured yet. We can be uplifted if we have our weapons with us – and that weapon shouldn’t be taken away by anyone for anybody… Education.
In this fiery world we are in, we need to get our grip on.

Have you ever thought why is education important?

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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