“Anyare?”: The Collective Mind

Collective Mind is how we can explain it, how we could describe it, and how we can answer the question simply put as “anyare?” or suffice to the wonders of our minds and reactions whether positively or negatively–“wow!”

During my master’s, I read an article written by Dr. Alexander G. Flor, the former dean and a professor in the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (FICS) of the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU). Currently, Dr. Flor sits as a member of my dissertation committee, and my professor too in my two subjects this semester. The article I’m talking about is “Communication, Culture and the Collective Psyche.”

The reason I remembered was during our recent class, timely as it is, Dr. Flor brought up the said article. Since we are in the middle of the post-electoral scene from the recent 2022 National Elections, the article does make sense to at least navigate us through one of the many answers, if not the sole conclusion, to our questions about the said elections–like, of course, “how did IT happen?”

As a development communicator, one of my objectives, as also shared by Dr. Flor in the article, is a development communicator researcher’s biggest ambition–“to understand and explain how a socially beneficial idea assumes a life of its own and spreads throughout society without the benefit of planned and funded campaigns” (Flor 2007, p.99).

Collective Mind is how we can explain it, how we could describe it, and how we can answer the question simply put as “anyare?” or suffice to the wonders of our minds and reactions whether positively or negatively–“wow!”

This Collective Mind refers to the synergy generated through individual minds in the social system (p.106). Thus, our society has its social system and its collectivity has a mind. Communication plays a huge role in this narrative. In fact, socialization by sociologists and acculturation by anthropologists can only be achieved through communication (p.111).

Society refers to a whole comprised of various individuals. Apart from they share the same spatial, they are typically subject to dominant cultural expectations. In a democratic country just like the Philippines, people have invested power to decide, in our recent case, elected officials in the government, through representation. Communication and comprehension of what’s being communicated craft the society we live in; education, and media/digital media play a huge role today that make or even break forms of information and social construction.

Many may point disinformation and misinformation as part of it, the seeds that are planted reap differently than what was expected of many, now as far as the election results go, the minority (I’ll concentrate more on this in another research). Needless to say, communication is an essential element, if not the main key, of politicking. Hence, as communication scholars, and development communicators at that, (in unison with the sociologists, media personnel, and journalists), we all have a crucial role to play. May it be breeding new sources of knowledge or research, but also understanding societal engagement and cultural communication unbiased more importantly, as we try to be.

Collective Mind is how we can simply glue how we came about, the same goes with the People Power I or EDSA 1 in 1986 and People Power II or EDSA 2 in 2001.


Flor, Alexander G. (2007). Communication, Culture and the Collective Psyche. Chapter 10 in Development Communication Praxis, pp.99-114. University of the Philippines Open University Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services. Diliman, Quezon City. ISBN 978-971-767-200-7.

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We are embraced by the will of the motherland to free us from anyone who claimed before us. We are nurtured and equipped by our own spirits, full of nationalism and the fervor to fight.
We are colonized, we are in mixed of cultures and religions. We are the country that was mold by the power of its own people to be united as one.

Today, as we celebrate our independence, questions might be bugging us… are we really free? It has been declared, it was written in the history, but are we really free? Or are we our own prisoners?

We are free from other nations but are we free from ourselves? Do we make our own detainees? Mournful to think about but it’s true. Observe we must.

The outtakes of the government, the despairing circumstance of graft and corruption, and the various occurrences this Republic underwent that didn’t serve its people.

We are declared free and independent yet we suffocate ourselves by our own agendas that wouldn’t serve us at all. Predicaments of greed, enthusiastically frolicking people for our own benefits, taking too long to take action to solve and help this country and its people to have a better and brighter tomorrow.

All of our tomorrows are unsure and all of our present wouldn’t be perfect. We have the choice; and that every little thing must have its own multiples yet we don’t maximize it. Would this nation be how it really should be? Are we going to suffer more before we reach the top? Or are we just going to suffer without moving towards the goal that we promised our future?

Nothing is sure about anything, but one thing that must keep us going is the promise of today that all of our unsure tomorrows will be faced with dignity, honesty and love for this country.

A promising Independence Day to all Filipinos. Mabuhay!

Surrender you MUST (Napoles Saga)

Many of us are still hoping that this catastrophic saga will end; but we just can’t seem to be convinced that it will be over soon. We are hooked; the people involved in this case felt like celebrities – having the public attention, concerning about the ratings and faces on the frontpage of every newspaper, feeling like stars and surely is, the apple of everyone’s eyes. Well, in fact, this is true to life and not some kind of fiction.

While we can’t get our money back, we keep on spending more. Spending more for their health care, security services, hearings/trials, everything that they need and yet we can’t get the truth. Shame that these politicians are on their positions doing nothing but spending the country’s money for their own good, yet they are given consideration on everything.

They bought properties – house and lot, vehicles, and other personal stuff while many of us Filipinos are lying on the streets, still recovering from the typhoon that hit us, lucky to eat one meal a day and dying to have something to put on their plates whenever there’s an occasion.

I believe that the Filipinos are hardworkers and somehow it just takes a good leader/s to bring out their real potentials. As we see our country and our government at the present, achieving it is not clear yet and the possibility of it happening is still blurred, it won’t be achieved, not very soon.

Filipinos are not losing hope yett and still clinging to the idea that everything is going to change, everything is going to be just fine and everything is going to be at their proper places.

It saddens and pisses the whole country having issues like Pork Barrel Scam. It’s hard to believe a certain witness or a mastermind if he or she is telling the truth because we are losing trust in people and we are starting to give up on them; but no, somehow we refuse, there is still hope. The truth can still prevail.

How we wish it’s all that easy. How we wish everything will be alright in a snap of our fingers. Let the unjust and the plunderers pay for their debts and let the mastermind be imprisoned. Surrender you MUST for there’s still hope for your souls and for the humankind.


Every concern citizen in this country is already pissed-off and wishing that this fragmented reality does not exist. By Monday, we will be facing another irrational belief that everything is going to change by cause of a new Barangay Officers will be proclaimed as winners and would start something new in the start of everything, the run-down of places in the big city.

Coherent, it will never be. This Republic, we consider it sold. It was sold to the plunderers, scammers and corrupt politicians who promised us the sun, moon and stars for a vote, that according to them will change our lives. They were right. The vote changed our lives. Life that has become awful and frustrating.

I’m sitting here, writing these words, thinking about life, my bank account, work and how it will be for the next days. As it goes by in my half-filled brain, I’m starting to feel a little bit sluggish. We are not deserving of this fiasco. In this world where everything will be left undone and unsaid, it is very rare that opinions will count and lives would be changed. We’re losing it for the Republic. We may not give up but ‘they’ have given up on us, a long time ago already.

Politicians are still choosing their convenience above anything else and imposing that citizens owe them something big, but then again they don’t feel otherwise. They’ve lost one thing that kindness and a true human being should have. Sad that it came to this yet we can’t do anything more to take it back.

"Politics is a dirty business," they say.

One definition of Politics from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: the work and job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a government.

A work and a job. A position that depicts honest actions.

Sad to say, honesty and the true responsibilities of government officials became invisible. From graft and corruption, plunder, scam to the ‘worse’ ones that the country, nevertheless, couldn’t get one more grip of.

In real politics’ general philosophy, “If we ignore it, it doesn’t exist.” is the usual habit and behavior that this Republic is experiencing. This is the reason behind unfulfilled projects and unfinished or pending cases. Maybe I’m wrong or in a way I’m making a point, but the true reason is that they (politicians) ignore cases and issues because their names are on the line – the more they put good fragrance there and cling to have a good image, the more blockbuster and award-winning their lives and careers would be. Reality.

Speaking of ‘blockbuster’ and ‘award-winning’, it was proven that celebrities who ran for government positions had bigger chances of winning. It was given and it was obvious. There was fame. People know their names.

I’m not questioning our celebrities-turned-politicians’ capabilities but in a way, we people (we Filipinos), expected a lot from them; and needless to say, even to all our officials who are in the position; enjoying their seats and the feeling of having body guards. Oh, comfort. There is no excuse to not execute great deal of action then.

Now that these celebrities-turned-politicians are facing plunder cases, it has become dirtier. From the limelight to court, from showbusiness to politics… these kept them going, made their lives and their families’ be on the well-off side of the whole sphere.

Do we have our own fair share of mistake here? We voted for celebrities (without even thinking that much) just because of their names and fame and we trusted them to function as our saviors to uplift us from the third-world or perhaps we trusted them that much because showbusiness showed us some part of their lives off-cam and we say, they are okay? Perhaps, there was poor judgment and thinking then.

“Politics is a dirty business,” they say. Humans were destined to be weak at some point and there were emotions that mixed with the real ‘function’, hence it is true that money is the root of all evil. The action stars that we used to watch on the big screen are now the politicians we see on TV and newspapers facing plunder charges.

The celebrities who were once superheroes and action stars cannot save us from the third-world. And yes, it was just a movie.

Woman, you have the right

Way back in time, women are viewed and perceived as property of men. Hence, they constitute to consider and oblige to take on words/actions from their husbands, coherent that they are deliberate and designed as men’s possession.

Later on, equality and fairness took place and promoted. Gender wise, stability, ethnic race or group, intelligence, market placement and value, so on and so forth. Concentrating now on gender equality, referring from past facts ventures, women get the same as men – no higher entities, no more stronger and weaker. In a nutshell, fair.

To consitute…
(1) According to UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women of 1993, it states that:
“Violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women, which had led to domination over and discrimination against women by men and to prevention of the full advancement of women, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men.”

(2) Circa 1870s, the courts of United States stopped to recognize the common-law principle that a husband had the audacity and the right to physically chastise an errant wife. (3) Types of Violence are Rape, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Emotional Abuse, Human Trafficking to name a few.


In January 10, 1949, John and Dorothy Boreman welcomed a daughter named Linda Susan Boreman, better known as Linda Lovelace, an American pornographic actress. She was famous by her breakthrough hardcore porn film, Deep Throat in 1972.

At 20, Linda gave birth to a child but never had the chance to nurture the kid. Her mother had the child adopted by another family. As the era partying, disco, sex and rock and roll took place, Linda savor the phase like everyone else did. That night then when she met Chuck Traynor was the start of the experiences that changed and marked her life forever.

Moving out from her home, Traynor and Boreman lived together and eventually got married. Traynor became Boreman’s not just a husband but also a manager and a whoremonger or pimp.

In dire need of money, Traynor used Boreman as a form of business. He pimped her to men for sex in exchange for money, he then auditioned Boreman for a porn role, which led her to the role Linda Lovelace in the hardcore porn film Deep Throat and became one of the great porn superstars of her time. Boreman forgot what she was truly was, digested and fixed to become Linda Lovelace because her husband, Traynor told her so.

She thought of quitting porn a lot of times but her husband always point a gun at her. Built with a weak point and frightened of her husband, Boreman oblige to follow.

Physically, verbally and all-over abused came to sink into Boreman’s being. She then seek help from her film producer and reiterated every little abused she experienced from Traynor.

Years later, Boreman got married to Larry Marchiano and had children. Marchiano accepted and supported Boreman through whatever she encountered with Traynor.

In 1980, her book Ordeal got published. Boreman had the rundown of her dark experiences in the said book. Right after, she joined the anti-pornography movement, uplift and fought women’s rights.

Linda Lovelace (2013) 
video from Youtube


No woman deserves to be maltreated, whether physically or verbally, nothing like this will ever count if it is maltreatment. Every woman deserves to be taken good care of, respected and uplifted at all times. Nobody has the right to hurt a woman no matter what grounds it would be.

Chin up, Woman. Stand up for your rights.

(1) and (2) History of violence against women http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_against_women
(3) Types of violence against women http://www.womenshealth.gov/violence-against-women/types-of-violence/

Suits and Lie

Welcome aboard and SUIT up!

SUITS is an American TV Series created by Aaron Kosh, set to have this immersed encounter with the cases to be dealt with the lawyer, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht, who for me, really has a resemblance with Jim Carrey) and his Associate, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who, despite lacking a law degree, fired up the position with his best smart and smashing ideas and understanding.

Series started rolling and you just can’t get enough of the complete season, episode by episode. I love the fact the we can all think and determine how we can be able to solve each enigma – feels like having that kind of degree makes me want to collapse my guard, blow it down and take another turn.

I do understand and I already got the passion to try and solve each problem. Harvey is right, you first need to know everything that had happened – relevant or irrelevant. This is to connect all the stories and see where it really came from. 
And… Once a person lie, no matter how small it is, it is a lie and he/she can do it all over again. That point, I get it. 
Lie, according to the dictionary, 
It is a false statement made with a deliberate intent to deceive; 
an intentional untruth;
a falsehood. 
We are all guilty, oh yes, don’t be a hypocrite. We all lied one way or another; not in an immense kind of way if we have already changed our ways yet it still got an amount. 
It goes with everyone:
Once a person lied and the trust got broken, it is so hard to bring that trust back. Nevertheless if we have given them another chance and they have proved that something can be fixed, then it is fine (we all deserve another chance, right?). If it is the other way around (that they did the same thing again to get hold of things and covered it all up), it is crazy. Lucky them if anyone would still buy that. 
Seriously, no matter what state of life they are into, they got a huge problem underneath them that they need to find out and iron out very soon; or else, it would consume them in the long run. And yes, it will be odd. Example: Government Officials, take it from the pork barrel scam. 
No matter what is the true intention to lie, still… it is a lie. It would be a lie.
Lie/Lying is like intoxicants. Once we can unriddle or solve something by it, we are tend to use this kind of method to solve any problem…I repeat, any… and it is very addictive. It will just feel normal to us as time goes by.
We think that we can polish something through this act, but in reality, we are just making it worse by hiding and covering up. It is just piling up and once it burst, wait for it, it is going to cause all of us hell of a trouble.
NO lie is ever an accident; it is an intentional untruth. It is a choice. It is a decision. 

Education, is it important?

I graduated from one of those prominent private universities in Manila, took Marketing Management as my major and now clinging into life, joining the working individuals in the corporate world.
Like many of you, I was once confused on what program I should take in college, simply because this got something to say what I will be afterwards. I wanted to be a newscaster, a dietitian, a teacher, an architect and a businesswoman – I tried everything out and passed college entrance exams for different degrees, but decided to take Marketing Management instead. Several times before I wanted to shift but still get the chance to finish it with wind blowing feeling and smiles.

My field requires me to talk with a lot of people and I so love it for it. I could be anywhere, deal with anyone – high society, middle class and lower class with different interests like sports, fashion, art, music and technology to name a few.
In lieu, I know that these are the results of whatever I did accomplish (or even just experienced) way back when I was still studying. Indeed, it taught me a lot of stuff that sometimes, myself, can’t even believe that I can do such.

Going around the Metro by commuting and having a treasured talkative-at-times personality, I talk to people around me. One normal tough day, I was heading to Quezon City by a cab. Tough day as it was, from morning ’til afternoon, I got inside a cab which I wanted to hate because the A/C can’t function too well. I’ve been through much for the day so I tried to whip the negative off of me and started to be jolly and happy like the usual.
One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m taking a cab or FX is talk to the drivers and get to know their points on anything random. The cab driver (which I didn’t even get the name) started telling me which route we will take because I want to avoid traffic in Commonwealth, and then we started talking.

He’s a father of three (3), he didn’t even finish college, more or less he just tried it for two (2) years. As he was taking on, he tried taxi driving, which he is in control of his own time and make money easily without even following bosses like what we all in the corporate world used to.

Tinamad na po ako bumalik sa pag-aaral after nung kumikita na ko ng pera, na kaya ko po naman palang kumita ng pera kahit hindi ako mag-aral.” He told me.

I want to reiterate my opinion but maybe he felt that he needed to get a grip and say something in defense of his first statement.

 “Pero alam mo Ma’am, nung naglaon, nagsisi din ako na bakit hindi ako nagtapos. Naisip ko po na parang ‘Ano? ganito nalang? Taxi Driver nalang ako hanggang sobrang tumanda?'”

I almost have the same thing in mind, that I wanted to ask him if he really didn’t want to finish his studies, by his defense my question has been answered. I know there’s something special about him being a taxi driver, so I started telling and asking…

Sayang nga ho, ano? Pero I’m sure masipag naman po kayo at nakakaraos naman sa araw-araw. At least ho wala kayong nilolokong tao at marangal naman po ang trabaho niyo.

A bit surprise as he was that time, I saw a big smile of relief on his face via the rear-view mirror. I couldn’t barely express how glad he was and so his face. He then proudly told me..

Ay totoo yan Ma’am! Hindi naman po sa pagmamayabang pero nakapagtapos na po ako ng isa kong anak, Architect na po siya ngayon. Ni hindi ko nga po lubos na akalain na mapagtatapos ko siya, nang Architecture pa!”
“Pero yung pangalawa ko pong anak, ayaw mag-aral. Gusto niya magtrabaho na rin siya. Para ako po noon. Pinapaliwanag ko sakanya na mas ok kung may pinag-aralan.”

I got so excited. I couldn’t believe that he already got an Architect on board just by being a driver himself. We then proceed to his main concern, his son, who doesn’t want to pursue his studies anymore. I came to the point of realizing things: Those newly graduates from universities in our country, by their finished field of study can’t even get a job that easy and even those who are resigned with work experience can’t get anew… what more those individuals who can’t even take time to finish their studies even the offer is there and those who can’t afford?

In this third world country, positioning ourselves to the life of comfort wouldn’t come easy. There’s got to be something that we need to work hard and sacrifice for to attain everything we want. This governs my deep concern to those who can’t afford even a piece of paper; what’s going to happen to them in time they face each and every trials in life? What should be done by then? What should they do by then?
And to those who were given the opportunity but actually wasting it… they could never be luckier to experience this kind of treatment that others are craving for. That I, can’t even understand why people tend to take things for granted (and eventually regret it afterwards).

Our future with or without degree isn’t secured yet. We can be uplifted if we have our weapons with us – and that weapon shouldn’t be taken away by anyone for anybody… Education.
In this fiery world we are in, we need to get our grip on.

Have you ever thought why is education important?

Mabuhay Gilas Pilipinas!

And yes, one of those moments when we truly feel the unity and real pride of being a certified Filipino! Gilas Pilipinas won against South Korea in the FIBA Asia 2013 Semi Finals and you’re seeing it right – they’re going to the Finals versus Iran and did get a spot in the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain.

Team Gilas worked very hard for this victory and there’s got to be more tomorrow against Iran. It wasn’t an easy battle as they say but what did matter was they played hard enough to attain the success, outlast Korea and push it to the World Cup.

It was a very heartwarming victory, our great players crying their hearts out due to the unexplained happiness they feel. Time stopped for a minute before the buzzer cut the game and end it; right then and there, it’s clear… Team Gilas won against South Korea, Semi Finals has been entirely ours.

Nothing did come easy after losing the game against Taiwan, some of us felt it’s done and nothing could ever fire the momentum up again. The whole team took it as a challenge and fought back – so here we are now outlasted the Semi Finals, welcoming ourselves to the best of the Final Round tomorrow.

Congratulations, Gilas Pilipinas!!

A Great Music Drive Thru, Eraserheads

We’ve witnessed and still experiencing their band’s success. Turning on to the 90s, well, some of us were still little way back then, but they still brought in the universal hint of their music and art up until today.

Eraserheads or E-heads for some was one of the most influential and successful bands of the 90s. Formed by Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan, Eraserheads couldn’t be taken away from the history of OPM.
Bombarded with so many awards and nominations in the music industry, E-heads made it to the top and won those prestigious music distinctions. After more than a decade of rhythm and grace, the band called it quits, had so many tributes by the bands of the new generation and cling to have reunions to sphere off the band’s demand. Though the members set to live different paths, their still on the same industry that made them paramount – music. Contrived to different bands of today, made hopes for the new generation of music and art; they whipped up to bring in the quality of music the world could ever have. 
Yes, we all know, walang tapon sa mga kanta ng nag-iisang, Eraserheads!
Cheers to the true blood of OPM! 
Video from YouTube
Sa Tollgate by Eraserheads 
Gumising ka nasa tollgate na tayo….

Video from Youtube
Waiting for the Bus by Eraserheads
Another crime another reason
gets you everyday
the only time that you can talk 
you ain’t got nothing to say
Well, I’m caught up in a stupid game 
that I can’t play
It’s just a waste of time 
but I’m in anyway