Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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The IMAX Edition!

Yesterday, my family watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and it was the IMAX experience. Before I say ‘we’re freezing inside the cinema’ I must give a superb A for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol! Brad Bird really worked hard for this film to give the audience a breath taking stunts, effects and all sort. He made it! As the IMF is shut down, there’s a nuclear war and the bombing that caused Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue and even indomitable to clear their organization’s name. It was definitely and absolutely the start of the Ghost Protocol and the mission that isn’t impossible-to-make-it-happen at all.

We love the humor of each character, a great combination with all the action packed scenes constituted with all the unbeatable stunts! With the all new improved and organized comeback of Mission Impossible, I have to say that it is mission accomplished. Tom Cruise is hotter than ever. The effects were really wild and it made the whole cinema scream and have their breath on hold even it wasn’t a horror film. As the theme song plays in my head and giving me a last song syndrome, I can also imagine myself using those magnificent and impressive gadgets and doing all the incredible stunt like Ethan Hunt crawling from the 130th floor of the building with just an I-don’t-know-what’s-the-term glued gloves and using infrared and rope to surpass the mission. Well to have full of action life and insurmountable stunts to push myself into the maximum limit, then the heavens will guide me and turn the world on the right and beautiful spectrum and taddaaaa! Who’s the new action star now?!

I might be dreaming but the experience was really cool and marvelous. That’s all I could say. Oh anyway, I have the attitude of not divulging the whole plot in my blog whenever I make a review regarding a certain movie or any new products or service in the market, because I know that you guys hate spoilers. Haha! I also hate ’em, they make me lose the adrenalin to find out what’s in there, what’s hot and what’s whatever.

In line with that, you should see the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to make your holiday extraordinary and to find some time to bond with your family! It’s also the time to take a look to those new movies for 2012 because I know next year’s smash will be wild, blaring, and phenomenal. Advance Happy New Year, everyone!

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Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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