Whatta Phase

Paper works, marketing terms, deadlines and expenses; my superb life for almost 4 years already. As I continue to grow and explore, the activities are getting challenging. I could feel my eyes are on the process of giving up and shutting down. My brain is now enervated. Thoughts are famishing. I’m trying to recover, trying to feel good about everything and convincing myself that I should not be paranoid about the activities on going.

I’m not complaining about the series of action-packed, slight boring and dull, not a movie-like life of mine as a student and as a human.. who aims to make a difference, be a superhero with majestic super powers to save the country from poverty, graft and corruption and many other forms of evilness of… whoever they are in the government. I was just stating the real life of a human being who is now brain drained, depressed and stressed.
Those who will find this post a little lame or grammatically incorrect, I’m quite sorry.

There’s no way out and no giving up for those people who really want to be successful and to be fulfilled. No easy life, no shortcuts, no magical codes. Go for broke and do all you can to achieve what you really want. No one can undermine you if you believe in yourself and to those things you can do. For almost 4 years of engaging with these activities, I could say I’m quite immune. The hard part is.. your brain, even if tired, wouldn’t stop thinking. Deadlines are approaching, faster than typhoons and fugitives. Caffeine replaces my blood. Information is giving up. Slow transition of being doesn’t fit the fast-paced life of a business student.

Everything boils down to one great solution. Sembreak.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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