Week 26 of 2011

Sundays are fun! I’m longing for some relaxation though it’s a fun week for me after all, but what’s new? It’s too tiring šŸ˜¦ We are now preparing for the STRATMARK (Strategic Marketing) Competition, and it feels so awesomeamazing to be one of those individuals who will represent FEU for the said competition, wowowowowowowowow!! Imagine that more than 30 universities are joining the competition, I am very fortunate, a ‘hell yeah’ opportunity! Yes! It’s the highlight of my fun week, actually.

A sort of jeopardy feeling or am I just being paranoid? I’m telling my grandma that I need some rest and she told me that I should pursue it because I always go home late and tired (because of my ’til 9pm class. ~sad~) Anyhoo, it’s okay, I’m still fine and I’m still happy, I can’t wait for July 5 or July 6, so I am excited for my new savings account, the bank personnel told me that they will activate it on the said dates and by that time I can already deposit my money, my new ATM card is a Debit card too, I am soooo glad!! No, I should not think of the things that I want to buy, no no no, I should save money!

I promise myself that I will be rich someday. I will start saving now but maybe I can be a real rich human being after my feasibility study, after all the school requirements and projects, true, the expenses are screwing me up.

Other topics of the week:

  • Ā I had a 6:00pm Real Estate Management class and actually let myself in at 6:45pm, am I a good student? Oh noes, I always rattle when the elevator isn’t operating but I think it’s still okay, my professor came in late too. Bahahaha!Ā 
  • We went to iAcademy (in Makati) yesterday for STRATMARK orientation, it was a total adventure but not the thing that we went there in uniforms and the attendees were staring at us. At that moment we want to explain; that we do have Saturday classes and our professors don’t allow students to be in a civilian wear or whatsoever AND we are too lazy to change clothes in school.
  • Because of the orientation I wasn’t able to attend my History 2 class, I do feel great. I don’t have a wow feeling for my professor in History. True story.
  • I’m hoping for a good grade for my reflection paper in my Rizal course.
  • I am now a member of FEU Peace Center, advocating peace and unity! YES!Ā 
  • And I am now a professional bathroom singer.

I am so random. Believe me, my week is fun and I want my coming weeks to be fun too!

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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