Yes Women, We Can!

Inspired by the Lectures on the Psychology of Women by Joan C. Chrisler, Carla Golden and Patricia D. Rozee (Source)

Battered Woman: Why Don’t They Just Leave?

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Violence against women is a problem of international proportions, and nowhere is a woman in greater danger than in her own home. Tragedy of the violence extends beyond the physical and emotional injuries of woman. That with these aspects, children were also affected and also formed and showed some tendency of being battered. That is why children witnessing this situations in their own families has the tendency to be violent and portray what they saw, believing that these are the right things to do. According to some researches, boys who have witnessed their fathers beating their mothers are actually 24 times more likely to commit sexual assault than are boys with non violent fathers and 74% more likely to commit violent crimes in general. These individuals who witness their mother being battered are six times more likely to commit suicide and the girls are more likely to engage in teenage prostitution.

Inspite of all those violence and injuries that women are actually facing, the hanging question is, “Why does SHE stay?” and we begin to ask more contrary to the first one, “Why should a woman and her children have to leave in order to protect themselves and achieve peace?” Perhaps, you might say because of love, memories, concern for the children, foolishness and many other forms. Depending to what principle that they stand for. But on historical perspective,

“A dog, a wife and a cherry tree, the more ye beat them the better they be.”

Women should learn how to protect themselves and should know how to say stop when they had already enough of this violence. Battered women are considered strong but they just don’t have enough guts to leave and speak up for what they want, not because they are scared or afraid but because they are brave to face all of this trials for their family (most of the time). For those who already leave home for a new life is the perfect decision. Each woman don’t deserve an animal kind treatment that in fact, animal should be treated right also.

Nowadays, women are not anymore considered as inferior than men. They have attained the level of balanced and in reality speaking, women today are dominating. They could freely speak up for themselves, stand up for their rights, fight for the improvement and reach the point that they are being knowledgeable than men.

Today, there are no place for women inferiority anymore, those days are over. Women are brave, can fight and lead.
Yes Women, we can! Say NO to violence, women should be respected. Women should be loved.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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