CSDA: Cyber Space Display of Affection

Photo from Google Images
PDA, Public Display of Affection, define couples who are intimate, sweet or expressive about their feelings for each other in public places. Hugging, kissing, holding hands and many other gestures in public without having any hesitations of what other people might think or feel. Same with CSDA, Cyber Space Display of Affection, the difference is… you do it online or in cyberspace, and of course with the use of internet. Not the literal way showing or expressing intimate feelings but through uploaded photos and videos on your social networking accounts like facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace and many other social networking sites. Same with posting “I Love You” messages, comments, tags and tweets to each other.
To those who are internet bum and are into relationships, this CSDA is one way of expressing to the internet world about their feelings with each other and how they are perfectly experiencing happiness with their partners. One great example is making their photo together as their Facebook profile picture and posting “I Love You” messages wall-to-wall.
In line with the CSDA, there are also social networking users who are not really into expressing their feelings through cyberspace. Others are getting little irritated to see their friend’s account having a lot of “i love you” messages in the news feed. According to some users they are really not “bitter” or somewhat “haters” of these messages, in fact, in some ways they find it really sweet and it even shows how proud their friends are by expressing or publishing these posts to the whole cyber/internet world, what makes them irritated is that they see these posts, messages, tags, photos, videos etc. each and every minute.
Furthermore, they just want those CSDAs to lessen the display of affection or just keep it private through chat or personal messages.
It’s really given that these messages or posts are somewhat irritating for some time, but who are we to interfere? Let’s just let them express their love for each other and enjoy the sweet messages that we are reading. Spread the Love CSDAs 🙂

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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