Worst Selling Cars of 2010

I got inspired about Forbes news about the worst selling cars of 2010. Seriously? Those brands are fascinating indeed, thats why this news brought some goosebumps. Its given, total light vehicles sales are up by 11.1% during November, also beating the market and topping the market share: Buick up for 53.5%, Cadillac is up 38%, Infiniti is up for 26% and of course Ford, Hyundai and Jeep up through 23%.
Not surprisingly, these brands are really doing good in the market with their newly designed and innovated cars, who’s not gonna like it?

But as i read the news, it made me think why the most famous brands were actually worst selling this year. Maybe wrong positioning, too much innovation, it doesn’t really fit the wants of the consumers or maybe they are just worst. Let’s take a look.

Pontiac 2010 (G5)
Hummer 2010

Saturn, Pontiac and Hummer were killed this year. Reflects also to the discontinued sales during 2009, the Kia Rondo and Chrysler PT Cruiser. Suzuki in the midst of it all, also experienced the decline of sales by 42% overall by 2010. Vehicles like the compact SX4, Grand Vitara SUV and Equator also experiencing a sort of decline this year 2010, due to lack of resources.
But there’s still hope for it, the new Kizashi, mid-sized sedan.

oh well, for those who are into cars, i think this news can help. Car Companies will be launching improved and newest cars on 2011. Let’s wait for that.

Credits to Yahoo Autos for being a reference. For more Infos just check The Year’s Worst-Selling Cars, provided by Forbes.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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