She knows how to handle pain
She knows how to smile even in vain
She laugh so hard so the pain won’t show
She cries alone to let her feelings flow

She didn’t grew up with a Mom and a Dad
She grew up with the knowing that love has yet to be found
She faced severe trials and still facing more
She didn’t hate the world, instead she love it more

She loved dearly and wholeheartedly
She thinks that the best is yet to come selflessly
She knows that people come and go
She absorbs every fact that people might leave her oh

She’s taken for granted
She’s frightened about heartbreaks
She’s strong on the outside
She’s happy on the surface

She loves you dearly with the feeling of bold
She’s trying to fit herself in your world
She appreciate every little thing you do
She understand all the things you’re trying to put her into

You can hurt her deeply
You can leave her for another
But SHE will not make things hard for you to utter
She, instead will love you and pray for you further

She is not YOU
She is not HE
She is not a DUMMY
Because, SHE indeed is…… ME

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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