Their Chicken Wings are the best!

Whenever I go on dates and am asked what I want to eat, I say either burger or pasta. It’s practical, it’s easy, and it gives a hint that this woman does not follow a diet. Hehehe. There are many many good burger joints and go-to pasta places wherever, but there are very few I would go back to.

I’m not a burger enthusiast, I just have a certain taste I prefer — grilled, savory, mustard-y, and a little sweetness here and there. The same goes with chicken wings, fries, and pasta — savory. I think that’s the word.

I do cook but most of the time my schedule does not permit it, so where do we go then? We go to the best places to eat. Living in Manila (borderline Quezon City), it is easy to find good places to go to eat, but also hard to catch something that fuels the appetite. There are many reasons why–you’d probably get used to those recipes and choices, it probably doesn’t make a dent in your taste preference, your mood perhaps, and many more. But, good food uplifts your mood, always!

At the end of a tiring and toxic day (dealing with a difficult boss… haaay 2023 na! Hahaha), comfort food is the key (or stress eating? Hehe), Facts Burger is surprisingly the answer! They are also advocates of supporting the local economy by sourcing their ingredients from local suppliers. Their place is cozy and trendy, and their staffs are friendly and approachable, too.


This is their entry-level burger, with a 100% premium beef patty, lettuce, onions, and Facts sauce.

They do have other kinds of burger choices for your preference.


By far, one of the best truffle cream kinds of pasta I’ve ever tasted! Their huge serving really gives you value for money (I even had this for take-out). The bread was also served fresh.


This is the highlight of my Facts Burger experience! Their Garlic Honey Mustard Chicken Wings. It is served per 1/2 dozen and you may choose if you want it with fries or rice. They do suggest dips too that go well with their chicken wings. This one was independent, no other sauces or dips were needed! I should’ve ordered more.

They also have other items included in their menu–sandwiches, rice meals, other add-ons, and drinks like Coke products, beers, juices, and decent coffee, too! Facts Burger indeed offers quality and delicious food, and value for money! Money well spent. I’m not a food blogger, so I don’t know how to give justice to their food offerings, but I always like to try new good places here and there. Facts Burger is simply one of those go-to places when in search of good comfort food in the Metro.

Facts Burger is located at 915 Banawe Street cor. G. Roxas St., Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City, beside Bruno’s Barber, adjacent to Z Square Mall. They are open from 12:00 NN to 8:00 PM. Parking is limited. You may opt to park in Z Square Mall (for P40) and walk a bit to reach the place.

For more information, you may visit their social media accounts:
Facts Burger Facebook Page:
Facts Burger Instagram Page: @factsburger

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Café Inggo 1587: Cozy, Elegant, Scrumptious

Café Inggo 1587 is a Dominican concept restaurant in Quezon City, located in the compound of Sto. Domingo Church. The place crafts cozy and elegant vibes that you’d be glad to be in after a long day.

Café Inggo 1587 is a Dominican concept restaurant in Quezon City, located in the compound of Sto. Domingo Church. The place crafts cozy and elegant vibes that you’d be glad to be in after a long day.

Café Inggo 1587 located at San Pio V Bldg., Sto. Domingo Church Compound, Biak-na-Bato cor. Quezon Avenue, Quezon City | (c) Shainne Hostalero, May 2022

I knew this resto because my son was baptized in Sto. Domingo in 2018; it was probably on construction or soft-opening at that time, I couldn’t duly recall, but I only just tried it this 2022 after 2-3 years in the pandemic and booster shots from the COVID-19.

The place is clean and well-sanitized, and people don’t flock inside. Surprisingly, the place isn’t crowded–with the quality of its food, scrumptious servings, and service, this is just unbelievable. Though I really haven’t gone during weekends or after church, but I frequent on weekdays’ dinner time, after work hours.

Sta. Clara Bacon & Mushroom
Café Inggo’s carbonara pottage

I’m very picky in terms of white sauces in pasta. Previously, I only prefer Mary Grace’s and my own cooking (by default, love your own hehe), but I tried their Sta. Clara Bacon & Mushroom, their carbonara pottage, and it did not disappoint. It is savory, creamy pasta, served with garlic buttered biscotti/bread. It has big servings, even good for sharing.

I had the remaining pasta to go because it was worth keeping the remains. It was still good when I heated it the morning after. It is definitely, automatically, added to my favorites.

Malagkit’ rice from Cabanatuan boiled in fresh Spanish tablea served with fried danggit

They serve all-day breakfast, too! Their Champorado is perfect for the rainy season. It is not too sweet and even served with the best fried danggit I ever tasted in the most recent times. It also has the perfect balance of mixed fruits–in the photo: ripe mangoes, grapes, and kiwi.

The place is cozy with various artworks and books. Since it is a Dominican-themed café, salt and pepper condiments are served in ceramic canisters like these:

Photo from

Payments are very convenient, too. They accept debit/credit cards, GCash, and Cash. The service staffs are also very accommodating, very friendly, and approachable which makes the experience perfect. The place is also very solemn/peaceful/quiet–a great place to unwind within the Metro after a stressful day.

I prefer Café Inggo when I only want to talk about positively-entertaining things or good news. Hehehe. I just felt rants do not give justice to the place, to the food, and to their service, so I unwelcome thoughts of any of those.

They also serve coffee and Filipino favorites, breads and pastries, too. They also see delicacies at the resto. If you are looking for an intimate place to enjoy delicious food and quality service, Café Inggo is perfect.