Very Beary

It all started one evening as I was checking all my stuff at home, I accidentally found a cute bear puppet that I supposed wasn’t mine because I was very surprised and wow-ed when I first saw it. It then made me wonder where it came from. It seems really really cuddly and cute so I tried playing with it, I even tried different dance and pose. Haha, it’s really soft! I felt like I’m a kid again – the one who likes new toys and that having a new one is what makes the world go round and round. How I miss those days: before, the only thing you should worry about is your toy, the new toy in the mall that you want to buy, and the tantrums and the stubbornness of you specifically on those times when your momsie and papsie didn’t allow you to purchase your prospected toy and you will be sad and lonely then finally they will give you what you want.. hahaha, brat! Since it’s Christmas season, I always think that Christmas is a great excuse for kids to have new toys (just like me way back when I was still a kid) and the vacation is the great phase and a good timing for them to play with those new ones. Well, kids way back were really happy whenever you gave them toy cars, dolls, coloring books, pencils and other art materials, but kids nowadays prefer iPad, iPod, Mac Book, Nintendo Wii, PSP, Xbox and the like (just like me now, though I’m not a kid anymore, but I do understand why they like those stuff. Haha). Anyway, let’s just embrace the changes of this generation, and let’s just spread the love this Christmas season. They’re telling us that Christmas is for kids, I must add.. ‘and kids at heart’ 😉

Well enough of those random stuff. Actually, it’s just my excuse to post some pictures of my lovely and cute little bear puppet. Hahaha!

This bear knows how to dougie and do some sexy and FHM-like pose.

Pirates: The Dinner

Real good friends, real good life. And I say.. Yeah! Last night, The Pirates went to dinner and also to witness some stuff that we could say… cool. We were really happy to see each other, we shared some stories, craziness and laughed once again just like before. The start of this last semester of our life wasn’t nice at all; we knew that we’re going to be away from each other because we need to have our different companies for internship. The process was severely sad, and yes, it’s a part of life. Oh, the drama.

We had fun sharing new stories, jokes (even the corny ones), updates about life and anything not funny for others yet hilarious for us. The night was crazy. We didn’t make it to the complete count, maybe next time we can (I’m hopeful). The boys really had so much fun – they went to Eastwood after and did the clubbin’ thing, of course, there’s fishing too. Hahaha! Now, we’re still waiting for the photos to be uploaded, and I guess it’ll take months or even years again (oh well, what’s new?! Haha.)

So the night was like this: We ate at Barrio Fiesta (SM North Edsa) and we ordered lots of food (seafoods to be specific), we didn’t care about the diet anymore or anything because we were really starving to death last night (I have to say that last night was also intense because of the traffic and too crowded places.) After the dinner, we went to Sky Dome to witness the BRAWL, it was a free admission mixed martial arts event (if I’m not mistaken) sponsored by Tribal. Here are some of the photos (taken with my lame cellphone camera) 😛

We went to Persia Grill after to grab some alcohol and to somewhat end the night. I can’t express and divulge all the stories here, but all I can say is… everything about last night was so freakin’ hilarious! Then, the boys decided to go clubbin’, since it was raining and I know I couldn’t be outside till morning (because of some errands that I need to do the following day) I came up with the decision not to come, same also with my two other friends.. at least, I’m not the only who’s KJ here. Hahaha! As I’ve heard this morning, I think the boys had an epic experience last night! Hmm.

Maybe we’re grownups now or a little close to that. We appreciate every little things in life, we can also understand every disasters and mishaps and we don’t complain much about life anymore. (Source: Stories and experiences shared last night heehee)

Friendship is just so priceless. Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends! 😀

The thoughts of gaming and Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed: The Run, in an “underground world of illicit, high-stake racing”.

As i was browsing through different reviews, I must say I’m getting really stoked about Need for Speed, wait for it… The Run. I’m not really what you call a ‘gamer’ but I do play games/videogames whenever possible, whenever I’m the mood to play (well, I’m always in the mood to play) and whenever my schedule permits me.

When I was a kid (the days of family computer, gameboy and playstation) I always find time to escape siesta or nap time to play videogames. I couldn’t stay long outside, run and play with my kiddo neighbors around our village due to some.. hmm. not really good health condition – as a kid I’m not that healthy though I’m energetic, I’m always the skinny one, oh well, until now I’m still the skinny one or I believe, the sexy one! (hahaha!). So back to the gaming stuff.. Playing video games was the real last resort to devastate my boring days at home (aside from reading books and being a nerd). My dad who was from I-can’t-remember-where- country shipped a gameboy for my big brother and I, I was very very happy then and to brag: mine was a lot prettier and awesomer than my big brother’s gameboy, because mine was the Pokemon edition and his gameboy was just a mmm.. plain. (bwahaha!) So I started playing Pokemon, red version, silver, gold and many other versions of it, then I shifted to Smurfs, Tom and Jerry, Power Ranger, Batman and the legendary.. Super Mario.
Like many other kids, I’ve always wanted the most advance of all gaming stuff. I even rant about it and yeah, tantrums.. My grandpa was always teasing me, telling me that I’m sutil (hahaha!) and he kept on asking me why I always like boy stuff (and yeah UNTIL NOW. I’m a huge fan of Batman and Star Wars! I think my granpa was expecting that I’m a fan of Barbie, Hello Kitty, Bratz, Poly pockets and many other girly girly stuff.. But I am not. I’m not a lesbian though. I think I’m a girly girly too, but not on those said stuff.) And back to the sutil mode.. that I was really consistent hahaha one day my grandparents brought me a Playstation (If I’m not mistaken that’s the first ever Playstation, the gray one? right?) and that’s when Crash Bandicoott took place, also with Bust A Groove 1 and 2, Dance Revolution, Metal Slug and NEED FOR SPEED. Fast forward! I love Need for Speed, though I’m not used to remember the earlier versions of it, but when it comes to car racing, it’s always Need for Speed for me. Last week, I watched a movie with my cousin (Immortals it is!) and found out a great gaming store along the cinema floor and I told myself that it’s a must to have a look to those new games. The store was awesome! I want those new games! I was a bit sad though because it flashed to my mind that the Xbox that I’m using seems to have a tragic problem.. It can’t read CD’s!! I think the lens is seriously F-up! My uncle told me that we need to get it fixed and we need to upgrade it too so that I could play the new games! (like Skyrim, NEED FOR SPEED: THE RUN and NBA2K12). 

We don’t have Xbox to use as of now but we still have PSP that could handle.. hmm. Angry Birds, Sonic, Puzzle games, NBA2k12 and Need for Speed: Undercover. Need for Speed: Undercover is really awesome too, most of time I’m using a Pontiac Firebird (that I wish I also have it in real life) or a Mazda 2. I actually discovered Need for Speed: The Run because a friend of mine told me so, then I was stoked and it came to the point that the game can’t even able to let my mind be free from the thoughts of it. The Run includes a story mode set during cross-country road race from San Francisco to New York, including also iconic cars (wow!) and it can really lure you into an underground world of illicit high-stakes racing. Need for Speed: The Run is just really.. wow, woot! That’s it.


Shainne Lim by the beach

This girl wants to glide, escape/get away from the earth to be with Thor; and if being with the hammer man isn’t suitable.. other options would be: Do good – be a Jedi Master, be a girl version of Darth Vader, stroll around the city with Batman or be a Batgirl. Any of those.

This life isn’t really lonely at all.. well, if you know how to cheer yourself up.