Making ammends

I am sure you can relate, there were high hopes when we welcome the new decade. I guess, most of us really did not expect how 2020 will go. It’s been months of community quarantine and everything seemed to have happened all at once. And here we are, ending August, still in an unprecedented time.

We heard all about the toxic positivity that this situation enthralled us with. Nothing seems to add up, people are battling to survive the virus, everyday life, and both. We are all in an obnoxious position right now. While we cope, I know that we all want a little destruction to what seems to be the new normal – celebrating small wins, acknowledging our feelings – most especially our anxiety, and spending time with our loved ones. However, these seem to be a privilege today. It pains me to know that there are people around me battling for one more day. Indeed, a little help can go a long way.

To be destructed and cave into my little world away from all the ramblings of the current nature of the planet we are in today, there are big and small wins I manage to get awarded. While I take care of myself, I also devote further winnings to helping people who are in need. While it is ideal, this effort constitutes to helping myself as well and develop my mind, skills, and abilities even times are hard.

Lately, I am busier. Which was good because I can take my mind off the paranoia that this pandemic has caused. This term, I have given a teaching load. There were too much on my plate already but a teaching load won’t hurt at the moment (or I just suppose? hehe). It isn’t my first time to teach a class, but it is my first time to do it ONLINE. I can also identify with students who are having a hard time dealing with their courses online, because it is true, it is not easy.

While we are at being busy, I also got admitted to post-grad or doctoral studies. My intent statement and University essay for admission were the ones I have been working on thirty days after I graduated from master’s last year. Not that it was a requirement to go on, the knowledge and experience I will earn, as well as the ultimate purpose of conducting independent researches are, by far, what excite me.

To get my mind off other things (anxiousness for one) and after liters of coffee, the ‘work’ kicked into my system, here’s what I shall accomplish before I start my classes:

Get organized. I’d like to believe that I am organized, but I am not, really. Maybe during January like most of us are hehe; but, if I start now for real, perhaps I can accomplish more. I am a serial workaholic, especially if I really love what I do. I always keep a planner (whether digital or trad) to keep the lists of all the things needed to be done. Or maybe I am organized? It is just that, maybe not too much?

I don’t know how many calendars I keep anymore because of work, teaching, studies, business, and personal stuff I need to track. Let’s just begin in our closet.

Read more. My goal for 2020 is to read 30 to 35 books. It is already August and I’m only on my 9th book. A lot of meditation has to made this year, hence reading wasn’t that prioritized.

Less social media. Yes, I get it. When you are running an enterprise and managing pages on Facebook, it is quite impossible to neglect social media. However, I think, this is the time to use it less for personal matters. Let’s cut the time we devour onto it a bit.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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