An Open Letter to our Leaders: When Aggressiveness is Key, and Caliber is of Importance

Aggressiveness, in the positive and leadership context, can be defined as ‘readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity,’ or the ‘quality or state of being forceful.’ It can also be synonymous with action, initiative, drive, emphasis, and fierceness.

In this time of Public Health Emergency due to the pandemic Coronavirus or COVID-19 and its confirmed cases, there is nothing more reassuring right now than the voice of our leaders declaring safety measures, plans, and communicating the current state of the organization and imperative actions to be performed keeping the well-being of his/her people in his/her thoughts – and yes, in a prompt manner.

We need aggressive leaders – the ones who are passionate, present, and exuberant. We need leaders of caliber – the ones who do not only have degrees to boast but with emphatic strategies that uplift the morale and ensures the welfare of the organization; the ones who do not tolerate mediocrity; the ones who constantly thrive to improve the set standard.

We need to know where these leaders are. And by leaders, we do not just mean their designations or positions. The organization needs the competence to fight for, communicate with, and drive with the organization’s goal as we traverse through this strenuous situation.

We need to see where these leaders are. In this time of the internet and social media, it is not difficult to reach out and make it swift. We must not conceal any information. We must adhere to safety without undermining anyone’s importance and contribution to the organization.

We need to know you are with us as we are with you. We need to know you are serving us as much as we are serving you. We need to feel that we are equal, and we deserve the same respect we give. Please, there is a need to step-up as you heed from us to provide quality work in light of the organization’s success.

Communication is deemed essential, not only in this time of fear but always. We need to know you hear us because we hear you, and we are prepared to listen further. We want you to communicate, not in the middle of the night; as it made us feel that you are keeping us last in your thoughts, and it makes us realize how little we are in this circle. Take halt on waiting for someone’s question before you declare – people need and must know.

Leaders, you are there in your position for a reason. You are being called leaders for a special purpose. It is not about your degrees this time; it is about your caliber and compassion towards solving important matters. It is not only about your job descriptions, but it is also about your passion to serve – the core values we abide by, the quality we want to project.

Let’s assert. Let’s be aggressive.

We are with you on this and we need you to be with us, too.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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