Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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It took me a week to finish Gone Girl. I intended to finish it little by little because a part of me doesn’t want it to end. I’ve seen the movie several times before and I got curious about its printed version. I know that there is always more in the book compared to the movie.

This, I could say, is one of the most gracefully written stories as it leaves you craving for more – parts that you quite expected, but not quite. It leaves you hanging in just the right amount then you flip the pages until you realize you’re done reading yet it doesn’t feel like you’re craving for a better ending. It just about right.

Though I couldn’t remember many quotable quotes, the story really got into me like I was, for some time, part of it, and I could relate to some of the problems or issues Nick and Amy were going through. It is merely loving someone that gets you all crazy and paranoid, and as much as you want it to end, there is no better person you know who can be with you through all stuff. Maybe all love stories are different – some are cool, to begin with, some might sound ordinary, others can give you chagrin, but all of them require work and constantly trying.

You’d be mind blown where relationships can take you and how it can change you. But, just a piece of advice from a tita like me, do not lose yourself in the process. Find someone you can support you and can understand you even if you do not explain yourself that much. Be with someone who you can reflect with, can discipline you, and can help you be to be a better version of yourself.

Love can consume you at most times as it will always be part of who you are. Stop pretending to be someone you are not and start living you. But, you should also be aware of how you can improve yourself, how you can be able to compromise with your partner. Just because you are so self-aware, that does not mean that you are perfect.

You know, I have read and reflected from the book that insecure people tend to be insecure lovers and hurt people hurt people too. Heal. Reflect. Survive. We should all know it by now – that whatever devastating thing got to us in the past that we almost felt like we are going to die, we have survived it.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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  1. Amazing f***ing Amy is getting f***ing marriedI'm glad that you liked Gone Girl :') Please always take care wherever you are, Ma'am Shainne


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