Getting Old!

Before April ends, I would like to thank everyone who took away some moments from their busy day to greet me a happy birthday last Sunday. All the well wishes are so heartwarming, and I felt the love and care that went with it.

My late 20s is serious about changing my life. It was really a roller coaster ride because a part of me does not want to add one more year for the same reason I had – I want to be forever 22. I have some bittersweet realizations turning a year older because do you see the thought of this sentence? A year older, it means adding another 12 months to my life. I am also happy to have another dozen of months to live my life, struggle, and lose some sleep yet again. How exciting, huh. Kidding. I am grateful for my life because I am far lucky I know to have given the most precious gift on earth, and yes, it is now time for me to use it for the better.

I am happy to reunite with some old friends whom I think I could get older with. I am glad to have a supportive family, and I am blessed to have the freedom to pursue my passion and earn from it.

This year would also be my last year in graduate school (hopefully! Praying!). And as I turn to a new year in my life, I would like to exhaust all my efforts to contribute to the betterment of the society because let’s face it, we are part of it and we could never ever escape from it no matter how hard we try. I tried, and it was not a success hence, my efforts and future plans. There is no escaping this life! Here we are!

I am also happy to meet all my professors in the graduate school and learn so much from them. Through them, I felt that I am something more, a little bigger than what I thought of myself.

I am happy to have the privilege to enjoy motherhood and all other blunders along with it. It is excruciating sometimes, yet… ain’t no hood like motherhood!

One good sign of getting older is that I want simpler and more straightforward things in life. I was happy to celebrate my birthday stroller-free and diaper-free to have a full body massage and a foot reflex (very tita!). I was glad to forget all the dieting and other stuff just for a day because I am entitled to feel entitled as hell because it was my birthday.

But, really, I am grateful for another year of life because I could still get to spend it with people I love and cherish, reach my dreams, and dream on some more. I really do not have an idea what I will have or wh I will be next, but I am excited.

Again… thank you, everyone, for all your heartfelt messages. It really means a lot to me.

Love lots,


Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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