PeoplexTransition: Rara Solitario

PeoplexTransition: Rara Solitario

Rachelle Ann N. Solitario or Rara Solitario is one of the go-to-people of her friends, a traveler and an explorer. She is the only child of Cely and Carlos Solitario who grew up in a serene subdivision in Meycauyan, Bulacan. Being raised as a solo child, Rara knows how to make it to moments alone. Growing up was fun even without siblings for her cousins and friends’ presence sufficed and with them, she shared and remarked a wonderful childhood.

High School moments are one of the cherished times Rara will always be thankful for as it prepared her to the most vital occasions of her college life not knowing at first that these events will change her entirely – her beliefs, emotions and point of views just to name a few.

At present, Rara walks towards the path of these transitions embracing another year of life that just recently unfolded. Another year, another time and another chance to begin, grasp changes and most importantly, improve. As she moves on from her dad’s bereavement, she gets all of her strength from her mom and from all the memories she had with him; knowing that her dad will always be there for her suffices and makes her going.

A week before her 20th-something birthday (which age is not to be divulged), she sat down in a coffee shop with full of hopes to make the day fun as per usual. During that time, Rara was inquisitive (and perhaps, still is up to this point) about how this another year of her life will turn out.

Towards this transition, it can’t help her but go back to how it was before and it felt like certain questions were needed to be answered.

Rara Solitario was once a Corporate Secretary for FEU – Junior Marketing Association where she served one whole term for the said post simultaneous with her taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce major in Marketing Management. It was indeed a remarkable experience for her because she was able to gain new friends, learn more about other people and became closer to everyone she considered as her true confidants up until today.

She was able to make it for a scholarship achieving a necessary General Weighted Average (GWA) to qualify. Her focused was entirely whole and concrete during the given phase up until she met her then boyfriend that in way affected her studies and relationship with people close to her.

Rara admittedly lost her focus and orientation, especially during the times that she and her then boyfriend were facing the challenges of being in a long distance relationship. She was not able to prioritize the more important things she should have taken a first look on. Being in love, like totally in love, was all new to her and that being with her special someone was what she craved for every day.

When the relationship fell into pieces, Rara knew that she should have listened to her mother because she knows best. If there was one thing that the experience have thought her was to learn how to make all the right decisions and that it was important to listen.

College was a roller-coaster ride. It was indeed fun and unforgettable; reasons why it was so hard to move on from college to a working individual. Luckily, Rara were one of those graduates who immediately had a job right after graduation. The feeling of getting her first salary was exciting but being unsure of what path is the right to take or she wanted to take haunted her the same with everyone else.

“Everything has changed,” she shared. The first-time-grasp of the corporate world was not as wonderful as she thought it would be and that was normal. When she felt that it was time to go, she pursued, let go and moved on and found her passion.

Rara is now doing events – product activation, press conferences, product launches to name a few. She has found her passion doing the things she has an eye for ever since. “If you don’t love what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter,” she exclaimed. “There’s an endless reason about people’s satisfaction and how they are not satisfied at most times,” she added.

Rara shared that her expectations were once high and like most of people there’s still so much to learn and life will teach people everything they need to know.

Like some, Rara had her heart broken. She felt like it wasn’t always enough and that doing all the work in a relationship won’t get her anywhere. She had her reasons. As sensitive as it is, the topic about love is one of those dreaded topics to talk about when face with transition.

There are things that she wishes to happen but very open to accept that some things can’t be controlled. She fell in love deeply. The relationship run for three years and thus became a habit, and she admitted that it was so hard to quit.

With all discreet reasons of why the relationship turmoil happened, Rara has hopes that everything will be okay. She accepted the fact that leaving was hard because she already got used to it – the whole relationship setup of early morning messages, calls and special moments together. But when she was asked if she was still happy, a look on her face just came through depicting that she was not anymore.

To find the courage to fully end the relationship she has is for her to fully discover.

Now, Rara focuses on things that serves her right – her job, family, friendship and places she wanted to visit. She is also focused on making herself a better person as she face new things with courage and she looks forward to the most amazing things that the universe has to offer.

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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