Getaway – Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

I landed on a great sphere of life. The place was really beautiful and I would not want to blink my eyes, I could see the best thing – this was the greatest reverie. It was a tranquil place that made my heart skipped a beat, it removed all my disappointments and frustrations, and I could say, I was happy and contented.

Philippines is a wonderful country.The inner piece of the place can excite me and amuse me in every single way. I am a Filipino, and I would say that it’s a pity of me and it’s a poorness of me to not appreciate what I have and what I can see right now.. and by this I could also utter, I am a real Filipino and I am proud of it.

Pamarta Bali Beach Resort, Bataan is the perfect getaway for this sembreak. After the stressful days, with all the depressions and frustrations you had for the past semester would actually fade away with this kind of place; the people are very friendly and accommodating, you could easily talk to them or interview them about the place and you can feel that you are really a priority and a very important customer. Great customer service, I could say!

(October 19, 2011). We traveled for more than 3 hours, the journey was great because of the beautiful places you could see along the way, it’s more like you’re happy, fulfilled and relaxed rather than you feel exhausted and tired about the travel. Public transport for the win; took the bus from Cubao to Olongapo, tricycle to Olongapo terminal to SBMA and a mini bus from SBMA to Morong, Bataan then tricycle again going to Pamarta Bali Beach Resort.. with hot weather, great stories and excitement, yes, it wasn’t really tiring at all, it was more on the FUN side!

Yes, Philippines!!

Some photos from the wonderful trip! 🙂

The Pamarta Bali Beach Resort! 1:00 in the afternoon, the beach was smiling 🙂 I fell in love with the place. It was really reaaaalllly beautiful!


The infinity pool! They were actually activating the infinity pool, the fountains and the Jacuzzi by the time we landed on the place.

The room key. Nice key chain, very Bali!
Can’t wait to swim and enjoy the sand!
S is for Shainne

Exploring the beach and the pool at this moment. I have a thing for sunset, and I’m telling you this was the best sunset ever! 😉 Sunset by the beach. I don’t have a camera to take beautiful pictures, I lost it few months ago (long story) and I don’t have (yet) the time and money to buy a new one (because by this time, I want an expensive camera hahaha) so, I just used my cellphone to take pictures. Not bad at all.


Sunrise! I love my body clock; I was already up at around 6 am and I decided to walk along the beach and enjoy the sunrise.

The swimming pool
That was a wonderful trip! See you again soon, Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. 🙂
Enjoy the vacation everyone!
(All photos (c) Shainne Lim)

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

5 thoughts on “Getaway – Pamarta Bali Beach Resort”

  1. hi, we're planning on visiting pamarta next month, can you tell us about the food, where you ate? our group prefers to dine out, we are hoping there's a decent dining area nearby.thanks!


  2. PAMARTA BEACH BALI BA KAMO ?? HINDI sila marunong mgbook ng maayos , pagdating mo dun wla n ung reservations mo ..san kpa ?? wag kyong pu2nta dto . ganun kse ang ngyare smen .. im so disappointed .


  3. Hello! My apologies for responding so late, I just saw your comment just now. The last time we went there, there's still no food stalls available but you can bring your food and nice people there will cook for you, just ask them what you want. I think, there has been a lot of changes now, so maybe there will be stalls and food house available. Will check! 🙂 Have a happy vacation!


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