Tagaytay Fun

April 2, 2011

My friends and I decided to give Tagaytay a blast since that we were not able to see and be in touched with one another for so long due to works and different activities. So we left Manila at around 3:30pm and went straight to Tagaytay, we arrived there at around 4:45pm; the best part of the road trip was the flashbacks of what had happened before and updates about our lives now. We laughed and made fun of ourselves and we kept on reminiscing about the moments we had, very nostalgic.

Taal Lake

Here’s a photo of Taal Lake featuring some fogs, very beautiful and all you could say is wow (I love lomo shots so it happened that the photo is on a lomo state). By the way, Tagaytay is one place that I can recommend to everyone, you can enjoy the whole view and have at least a break from all the pollutions from Manila plus the weather is really good and cold (hehe) so don’t forget to bring your sweaters or jackets.

Tagaytay Zipline

The Yabhies (Emil and Hanna – boyfriend & girlfriend) tried the Tagaytay Zipline and they enjoyed it. I wasn’t able to try it because I’m to scared to go through a long and high rope with just harness on, I know its actually safe but it’s still scary for me. After we strolled around the Picnic Grove we went straight to the souvenir shop, and bought some pasalubong then drove around to find some restaurant for us to have our dinner. We found Bali Restaurant which offers also a KTV, the food was great and the waiters were really accommodating and nice. After eating, we went all the way to Starbucks to have some coffee and more chits and chats, we spent the rest of the night there laughing and having a little debate about everything. Warning: The coldness there wasn’t really a joke, we were freezing to death.

So to end, we left Tagaytay at around 12 midnight and by 1:30 am we were finally home. It was a really fun fun day!

I really couldn’t tell the story smoothly (hahaha), ’cause I’m too excited about everything 😛  Have a superb day!

Author: shainnehostalero

Shainne Hostalero, MDC is a social entrepreneur (owner and founder of Happy Shift PH), a communication scholar, and a writer.

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