I have been writing professionally since 2010. My writing gigs have paid some college fees, textbook needs, and conference fees. When I was already in corporate, professional writing paid the bills and helped me build my funds on the side and uplift my savings. There was also a time, before Happy Shift, when writing was all I did and it even led me to different places. I was lucky and blessed to have clients who value my work and prioritized flexibility above anything else to preserve creativity and help it flourish further.

I have been writing since grade school, albeit non-professionally, and only in my own tiny journal. It continued until high school when I kept a thicker journal and convert it to a blog at the time of the internet. Writing has been a part of me and something that I am absolutely proud of. I sometimes think that I am better in print than public speaking–by which the latter I tried (still tries) to be good just the same.

My 20s were the highlight of my many heartbreaks in writing. I always felt I wasn’t good enough, but as I grow old, I learned that we always get better–we CAN always get better at what we do especially if we love doing it. Like I’ve always said, nothing is ever easy even with the things we love doing. It will always be a challenge but also an opportunity to grow.

Now in my 30s, it has just gotten better. It is the perfect timing albeit fearful. This is the start of a new chapter. I always get conscious about my writing/manuscript. There are always second thoughts about pursuing this side of the fence, but definitely, it is something to look forward to no matter how I think it scares me.

I just want to get a hold of feelings of excitement and cluelessness, the same feelings I had in 2010 when I was first starting. I know this will lead to something better, something fruitful, and something that I will cherish forever. We never stop dreaming, are we? We don’t lose hope. It is never too late to start the things we were just daydreaming about when we were a child. We don’t always have it together and that’s fine. What is important is if we believe that, in times of uncertainty, there will always be an opportunity whether we have it together or not really. We will always come through no matter how it feels otherwise.