Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera 2015

Do you, by any chance, wonder why beautiful places soothe your mood? It is because new experiences bring us a certain touch from the world that could calm us. Traveling to beautiful places makes us realize how blessed we are to finally have a glimpse of the wonderful nature.

Last Holy Week 2015 (April 4-5, 2015), Rara and I decided to have our getaway to one of the most relaxed beaches (still) in Mindoro, the Talipanan Beach. Puerto Galera isn’t something new to me. In fact, I’ve visited it hundreds of times before, so I tried different beaches there then. I have gone to White Beach and Sabang Beach way back, and very recent, Talipanan Beach. That, I must say, the most relaxed one.

We are not fond of partying or drinking (well, not anymore). Maybe because as you grow older, you will outgrow this kind of thing and you will realize that sleeping late is not the ‘deal’ anymore (oldies. Hehe!)

That was what we like about the beach. It was just comforting and won’t leave you dead tired. When you work so hard every week and finally have the chance to take a break, you want more adventures to take; but then you also want to relax and rest a little bit away from the blunders of the city. I think that has just happened during our vacation and we couldn’t be any happier.

Shainne and Rara

We talked about our personal lives, our plans, careers and our next destinations. Safe to say, we are after the experience than too much of material things the world is offering. Work hard, play harder.

Puerto Galera, Philippines
Where we stayed.
 We love how quiet the place was. The food was great, too!
Chicken Tinola

 Since we left Manila very early, we haven’t had the time to eat breakfast. So by the moment, we set foot to the island, we were very famished. We left around 7:30am, arrived at the Batangas Port around 9:00am and arrived at the island around 11:00am after almost an hour of boat-travel and a few minutes of waiting time to board.

We ordered Chicken Tinola and I must say that it was A-OK! It was far from the city version, that was why we loved it.

Beautiful sea. Isn’t it lovely?


Mango Crepe at Luca’s Cucina Italiana & Lodge

 After lunch, we checked-in to the hotel room and went swimming. We haven’t had so much to do since it was high-noon; then we decided to eat. Luca’s Cucina Italiana & Lodge has really huge servings so they really give justice to every penny you pay for your food. Good food, too!

View from Puerto Galera Beach Club’s terrace
Swimming done!


Hahaha! Chill!


We had our early dinner still in Luca’s Cucina Italina & Lodge
Pizza and Pasta
During the high-noon. Photo (c) Rara Solitario
Relax time by the beach
Photo (c) Rara Solitario
Morning View

This was the day after we arrived. We had the chance to have breakfast by the beach and I must say, it was my favorite. Great view + great food, how can you go wrong?

As per the menu, this is what they call Canadian Breakfast
Breakfast by the beach

Of course, we must take the universe and the Lord above for giving us people to our lives, especially the ones we know who will be there no matter what.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for giving me such a good friend like Rara. We were friends since college days and went through a lot together. We share almost the same visions in life and she cares more than enough to those people who are part of her. She tolerates every amount of food I eat no matter how it can destroy her diet.

‘Til we run out of words to say and places to go.

Thank you for the wonderful trip and life-long friendship!