High Royal and in Love: Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Book Series in order

If you are into royal regency setup and how they do courting way back in time, Julia Quinn’s book series can send you to that era with wide eyes, blushed cheeks, and tears here and there.

If you are into royal regency setup and how they do courting way back in time, Julia Quinn’s book series can send you to that era with wide eyes, blushed cheeks, and tears here and there.
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I have started reading the book series year 2021 after Netflix has released the series and I got hooked ever since–on the book series to be specifically. I have learned in the past to not judge a book by its movie or TV series, and the books I’ve indulged myself in never disappoint.

If you are into chill reading and wanting a getaway from everything heavy and serious at work, at school, or advocacy like I do, Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series is binge-worthy. To guide you, here they are in order:

1. The Duke and I

Just like in the Netflix series, the book series also started with The Duke and I –the love story of Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings.

There are many more details in the book that a reader can enjoy, chunkier even than the TV series. Prepare yourself with some sweet exchanges and some heartache, but like the rest of the series, you may say it will end predictably, but we can agree that we would not want it otherwise. *wink*

2. The Viscount Who Loved Me

Netflix’s Bridgerton Series Season 2 tells the story of the eldest of the Bridgerton siblings–Anthony Bridgerton and her wife-to-be, Kate Sharma (Kate Sheffield in The Viscount Who Loved Me).

The film is kind of different compared to the book specifically in the physical characteristics of the character who played or were cast (kudos to Shonda Land for being so inclusive! Hence, the change in surnames to match).

Honestly, The Viscount Who Loved Me is my least favorite but it doesn’t make any less of a story. It belongs to my shelf of books-I-will-read-again. If you are curious about this installment, it will make you less disappointed to watch the series first and then read the book after (you’ll be more surprised).

3. An Offer from a Gentleman

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The third season of the Netflix series shies away from the sequence and gets on with Colin and Penelope’s story first (it is more thrilling, given the revelation of who Lady Whistledown is *spoiler alert*).

An Offer from A Gentleman is book three of the book installment–and by far, having read all of the books in the Bridgerton series, my most favorite of all. The book centers on the story of Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett.

It kind of resembles the fairy tale Cinderella only steamier–you’ve been warned. *wink*

4. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

The fourth book is the third season–among all the stories in the Bridgerton book series this I say is the most nerve-wracking and breathtaking–this could also pass as the series finale, by the way.

Romancing Mister Bridgerton explored Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington‘s love story. Aside from their journey, the book also features Lady Whistledown and trailed you off breathtakingly as you finish the book, at least it was for me then.

If you want to prepare for the upcoming Netflix series, better start reading this one to not miss a thing.

5. To Sir Phillip With Love

As you go on with the book series and you see Penelope Featherington settling down, you would think about how would Eloise Bridgerton will get by, and the answer to it all is in this book.

To Sir Phillip With Love, I would say is kind of modern compared to the conservativeness of the previous stories. Among the rest of the Bridgerton siblings, Sir Phillip Crane and Eloise’s story is kind of unconventional, not in today’s world though, but just far from how the others have concluded.

6. When He Was Wicked

Through and through, I also got curious why Francesca Bridgerton was almost never present in the series, especially in the Netflix adaptation, but her journey with Michael Stirling somehow is like Colleen Hoover’s (CoHo) piece of novel, too (All Your Perfects to be exact but with a more ideal ending).

When He Was Wicked was worth the tears, faith, and the read. If you are looking for second chances in life kind of story, this one is recommended.

7. It’s In His Kiss

It is hard to imagine Hyacinth Bridgerton as someone joining the season, but as her siblings move on with their own personal lives and to keep the peace of the dowager viscountess Violet Bridgerton, she has to find the love of her life and marry.

It’s in His Kiss is colorful and youthful. It also focused on self-discovery within the characters Hyacinth and Gareth St. Clair. It might not be as impactful as Benedict’s or Colin’s story, Daphne’s even, Hyacinth’s splendid character and slightly painful childhood made her all the more special.

8. On The Way to the Wedding

To tick off the list of Violet Bridgerton to have all her children marry, Gregory Bridgerton has to be the last to settle down.

If you are into the love-hate thing-at-first, this read will definitely have you going per page.

On The Way to The Wedding focused on Gregory and Lucinda Abenarthy in the heart of the usual season–probably the last you’d witness in this book series.

9. The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After

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No story would ever be complete without its beginning. Once you have finished all the books from The Duke and I all the way to On The Way to the Wedding, you might wonder what is next about the Bridgerton siblings and the dowager viscountess.

THE BRIDGERTONS: Happily Ever After is a perfect way to close the journey. It will make you empathize more with Violet Bridgerton better and relate to her more in this installment.

Overall, Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton book series is worth the hype and it is refreshing to time-travel and be in a different place at once. I never got bored with this series. It was always another book after the other and I’ve finally finished all installments in two months (in between academic work and social enterprise work, of course).

Have you read any of the books in this series? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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